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Tool in Time Ltd delivers high-quality tools for partners. Our customers are production companies, which place great emphasis on the accurate, timely production. They would like to achieve this, of course, in the most economical way possible. The safe and timely delivery is one of the most important for a company with regards of the entire supply chain. As a trusted supplier your partner is Tool in Time Ltd. If you work with us, you can forget the outages caused by the lack of tools – after all our motto states:



Our company's activity

Our goal is to offer the most economical solution for end-users in each working operations. We ensure this by distribution of products of multiple vendors, so we are not bound to select the optimal solutions. The expertise and experience of our staff, as well as the quality of the products we deliver guarantee we offer to our customers the most economical solution in all cases.

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Our company's mission

In today's fast world the goods have to be produced with ever shortening delivery time and less production cost. Although the majority of cutting tool sellers argue that the most secure way of cost reduction is the increase of productivity, this is not exactly true. Without entering into details the fact is that a large part of the costs is caused by inadequate tools or tools not delivered timely.
This can be avoided by delivering high-quality tools in time, namely:



Our company distributes the products of the following manufacturers:


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Be ours partner too!

Asian-made inserts:

  • Korloy
  • Kyocera
  • Taegutec
  • Tungaloy
  • Mitsubishi
  • ZCC
  • YG1, etc.

In addition we also sell:

  • Special indexable tools
  • WTO driven tools, angle heads


The following special offers are currently available:

Gerardi driven tools

Dear Partner!

Let us introduce you to the promotion of Gerardi driven tools. We are convinced that our promotion will be interesting and valuable to you.

  • saleDiscount rate: up to 32%
  • darabQuantity: min 2 pieces *
  • szállításShipping cost: 40 € **
  • garanciaWarranty: 2 years

Validity of this promotion: 16th of December 2020.

For more information, see the enclosed guide, which is currently only available in English.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Even form these competitive prices we can also provide you an extra discount based on quantity: if you order two driven tools at the same time, we give you 5% discount on the promotion price, in case of an order of 3-4 pieces 10% extra discount and from 5 pieces you receive 20% extra discount.

**Shipping costs range up to 40 till 100 Euro, it depends on size and quantity. This amount is for information purposes only, as the cost of delivery can be higher for larger or heavy weight tools.

DormerPramet's high-feed milling tools

Dear Partner!

Bring in the wasted time due to the corona virus with DormerPramet's high-feed milling tools. As part of our special offer, we will give the milling tool for the indicated types for 1 HUF, if you order a box (10 inserts / box) corresponding to the number of insert seats.

  • saleDiscount rate: 1 HUF *
  • darabQuantity: 10 inserts / box *

Validity of this promotion: 2020.04.20 - 2020.12.17.

The unit price of the inserts is the same as the standard unit price. To place your order during the promotion, please send us an e-mail with the note "SPECIAL OFFER"!

For more information, see the enclosed guide, which is currently only available in Hungarian.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




HUNGARY, 1035. Budapest, Szellő utca 2.


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